"Thinking Big, Learning Big is going to be a BIG hit with early childhood educators everywhere. The comprehensive teaching units will help to make any classroom a great place for children to learn across the curriculum. The clear, concise directions for each activity make them easy to implement. The ideas are child-centered and contain lots of great tips to make each lesson a valuable learning experience. Thinking Big, learning Big should be a BIG part of every teacher's curriculum plan."
Stephanie Burton — teacher, author, and owner of Panda Bear Publications

"A terrific resource for the early childhood educator. I recommend teachers keep this book in the classroom for easy access."
Nevin Valentine, adjunct instructor, Department of Child Development, Santa Rosa Junior College

"This teacher-friendly book enables all to foster a love of learning and science in the students."
Laura Ristrom Goodman, curriculum coordinator, Pima Medical Institute

"Marie Faust Evitt shares a practical approach that comes out of a philosophy of intentional, holistic, child-centred teaching. There is a wealth of well-tried, research-based ideas and tips for planning, extension, documentation, assessment and learning through the multiple intelligences. Here is a real teacher in a real situation, who understands and works within the constraints that many of us have to deal with – the mentor or friend that we would all love to have, to give us the tools to be as open to thinking and enquiry as the children we work with already are. Teachers as well as children will be doing much more BIG thinking and learning as a result of this book. Thank you!"
Louise Fitzpatrick Leach, Director Ouyen Preschool, Ouyen, Victoria, Australia

This is one of the clearest and most readable curriculum books that I have seen for teachers and parents. Topics such as rainbows, wind power, roads and the moon will appeal to children while helping them develop a scientific foundation. For example, they will love experimenting with dropping balls in pretend moon dust to see how craters are formed. Evitt gives clear directions and lists of materials for each activity, as well as thought provoking questions.
As a science educator I highly recommend this book.”
Fred Evering, Fellow of the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences

“This book is inspiring as well as practical. That puts it on my list of top quality guides. From my own experience, teachers often find preparation for hands-on lessons daunting. Here's help. I especially liked: lists of all needed materials in the sidebar, the step-by-step movement through the lessons, the skill development lists, and the delightful photographs. This book is a great companion for anyone who loves the art of teaching.”
Joyce Curry, retired first grade teacher and resource specialist

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