A Small Sample of What’s Inside this BIG Book: Chapters

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Studying Worms

Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Worms

Studying worms introduces children to the process of inquiry – how to observe, form questions, then try to find out answers. Do worms prefer light or dark locations?
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Studying spiders

Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Spiders

Making a giant spider web and an oversized spider strengthens observation skills and helps children overcome their fears of these tiny animals.

Studying seeds

Thinking BIG About Growing BIG: Seeds

Sprouting seeds give children a chance to observe growth relatively quickly. Popping popcorn to see where it will land makes learning about seeds exciting.


Studying rain

Thinking BIG About Rain: Drip, Drop, Downpour

Turn children’s love of water into engaging explorations of what is waterproof and how rain gutters work.

Studying colors, rainbows

Thinking BIG About Light, Colors and Rainbows

Creating a rainbow with a garden hose helps bring those wonderful colors in the sky down to children’s level.

Studying wind

Thinking BIG About Wind: Huffing, Puffing, Blowing

Powerful winds can be frightening. Experimenting with blowing through straws, waving cardboard fans or using a hair dryer lets children be in control.
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Thinking BIG About Ice: Brrr! It’s Cold

Ice activities help children explore freezing, melting, solids and liquids, as well as thermometers.
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Studying outer space

Thinking BIG About Outer Space: Astronauts and the Moon

Channel children's passion for superhero play into science, math and language arts activities by blasting off in a spaceship and landing on the moon.


Thinking BIG About Building: How BIG Can We Build

Studying construction expands the learning in the block area. Explore stability by making skyscrapers from egg cartons.



Thinking BIG About Traveling: Roads, Ramps, Bridges, and Tunnels

Practice problem solving and experimenting: How can my toy car get over this river? What will happen if I raise the ramp by adding more blocks?

Studying Inventions

Thinking BIG About Ideas: Inventions

Introduce children to the power of imagination and brainstorming, as well as putting "junk" to good use. Experiencing the invention process encourages children to think of BIG possibilities.