Reviews of Events and Workshops

"Your presentation inspires me to be a better teacher. Thank you, thank you for keeping the spirit alive for intentional and meaningful teaching. The book is a great resource that integrates all subjects."
Montserrat Gariby, Lucy Read Pre-K Demonstration School,
Austin, TX

"Eye opening and very useful, especially the use of easily accessible materials. I found myself thinking how to incorporate immediate changes to my curriculum."
Carole Sheridan, Hyde Leadership Charter School

"I have learned a lot of great IDEAS from this workshop. Me encanto."
Brenda Serrano Colegio De La Immaculada, Puerto Rico,
NSTA conference San Francisco

"Very inspiring…We are all seasoned staff and it was so refreshing to get new ideas and have so much fun getting them!"
Teresa Tucker, Friends Nursery School

"Great ideas! Loved the pictures! I like your passion for teaching young children—growing imaginations NOT killing imaginations!"
Catherine Eveler, W.D. Surratt Elementary, Clint, TX

"It was absolutely amazing! I was able to take a bunch of ideas that I will use in my classroom. I had so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing with us!"
The Broadoaks Children’s School of Whittier College

"I like the whole presentation, I benefited a lot."
Zeinabl Abdelaziz, Egypt. NAEYC Anaheim

"This was the best session I have been to because it was all information I can use in my classroom. I liked the pictures and explanations of actual kid-tested experiences."
Karina Salgado, First Lutheran Church/School Early Education Center

"So many great ideas and extensions to learning. Humbling to me to realize how much more I could be doing!"
Wheeler Elementary, Oklahoma City Public Schools

"This session allowed me to see that activities can be made out of almost anything, and the classroom is everywhere. I am moved!"
Standing Pine Headstart

"I loved the stressing of 'Children like to think and work big!' I liked all the ideas, especially taking advantage of the teachable moments like 'Where do you think we could find spiders?'"
Gail Laubenthal, Sanchez ES, Austin, TX

"Awesome. Inspiring. So fun, yet full of great information. Down to earth. Easy to get supplies! Things I can get started on Monday!"
Joan Southwell, SMCNS

"This lady loves what she does. Very inventive. Practical ideas that were adaptable to various kinds of preschool programs."
Kathleen Goldman, Manhattan Beach Nursery School

"Excellent ideas. Informative. Fun. Creative. Child friendly."
Tamara Woolery, Director Occidental College Child Development Center

"The rest of my school year will be Big! Look out next year!"
Trish Hufana, First Lutheran Early Education Center at St. Mark's

"Very informative and inspiring! I’ve had a hard time with incorporating science and your workshop has given me a new way of approaching it."
Lorena B., Pasitos School

"I feel like I want to go and do everything I learned as soon as possible. I loved how all topics were brought together."
Rosanne Giza, La Playa Cooperative Nursery School

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